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МедПрофи - комплексные поставки медицинского оборудования
медицинское оборудование для кабинетов и палатмедицинское оборудование для ЛПУ любого профиля

О компании МедПрофи - продажа медицинского оборудования       JSC Medical preventive maintenance

The company " Medical preventive maintenance"  Ltd.


The General Manager - Grishina Anna L.

Our company is one of large suppliers for Russian hospitals.   MPH Ltd. has become successful on the market of the medical equipment. The well knowledges, experience and strong business co-operation with partners allow to work successfully in the field of complex equipment  hospitals, and also to offer complex decisions in the field of designing and reconstruction of treatment-and-prophylactic establishments.


We think much about comfortable co-operation with us, goods quality , service, optimum of delivery and training of experts in hospitals.

Our company approaches carefully to a choice of manufacturers what we offer on the Russian market and we sell the medical equipment of the highest quality with the optimum prices.

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speleoclimatic therapy of bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, pollinosis, atopic dermatitis, neurocirculatory dystony, vegetovascular dystony
treatment of hypothermia: Biotherm
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