The treatment of hypothermia: Biotherm

JSC Medical preventive maintenance
медицинское оборудование для кабинетов и палат
медицинское оборудование для кабинетов и палат
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The Bioterm is intended for use during carrying out of operations and in the postoperative period with the purpose of maintenance of constant temperature and the prevention of cooling of an organism of the patient. The thermo-mattress “Bioterm” has passed clinical tests in branches of transplantation of bodies (45 patients) and the general reanimation (16 patients) Russian Centre of science of Surgery of Russian Academy of Medical Science. Thermo-mattress “Bioterm” are updating made since 1991. The clinical tests lead within 2004, have shown, that Thermo-mattress “Bioterm” represents the convenient and reliable device for maintenance of fast warming and maintenance of a constant thermal mode of the patients who were exposed to operative interventions of various duration and being in branch of reanimation in the postoperative period. аппарат для лечения гипотермии
High operational qualities of the thermo-mattress “Bioterm” are revealed during tests: the heating speed of a working surface up to the set temperature, stability of working parameters. During using the “Bioterm” it is noted failures of the device, there were no the handicapes reflected functioning of the diagnostic equipment, being in operational. “Biotherm” it is simple in operation, management and a choice of a mode does not represent complexity for the personnel - doctors in anaesthesiology.